Any stay-at home dog will tell you, sleeping on the couch and working on chew toys is not as easy as it seems.

Whether it’s a stroll through the neighborhood or a romp at the park your dog and his walker will have a fetching good time! For young puppies, we are happy to visit your home to clean up the wee-wee pads or newspaper & spend some play time (or lap nappy sleep time) with your little one.

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we provide unsurpassed services to the stay at home dogs of Manhattan through our consistent, responsible, and better trained knowledgeable staff!



“My dog is really sweet, but …(now you fill in the blank)!”
We hear it all the time.

Just brought home a new puppy? Too much pulling, jumping, barking, nipping? We are a team of certified professional dog trainers using science based, dog-friendly methods to help NYC dogs develop into mannerly urban canine citizens. We offer private lessons, and group classes to help you with your specific dog training needs.

private lessons

Beneficial for addressing issues specific to you and your dog, private lessons are held in your home & are catered to your training priorities. Each session is one hour in duration and is suitable for dogs of all ages.

Lessons are scheduled morning, afternoon & evening sevens days a week.

classes & seminars

Group Class:
Parenting and training a puppy in NYC is a time full of excitement and lots of questions. Our NYC dog training classes are the perfect solution for you and your pup! Raising a happy, adjusted and well-mannered NYC puppy starts with good socialization and basic manners. Our NYC group obedience classes allow you and your pup to learn the basics of behavior while also allowing your puppy the opportunity to develop social skills crucial for all NYC dogs.

group class topics

house training

crate training



come when called




leave it

leash walking

When caN you join the fun?

we’re sure that you and your dog have just found Manhattan’s best full service pet care solution.



As mom always said, practice makes perfect! This rings true with your pooch’s manners!

If he doesn’t practice manners routinely, the behaviors will never get stronger.We will happily install new basic manners, hone and polish those you’ve started, or even teach a trick or two!

You will receive a daily write up on our training session along with appropriate handouts and exercises to work on with your pup.

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sniff us out with a meet and greet prior to starting service!





She is one of NYC’s most recognized dog trainers and the owner of New York Walk & Train, Far Fetched Acres and The Doggy Doula. Colleen’s fun and effective methods of training andtop notch pet care, have earned her the Best of NY title from New York Magazine and Metro City Tails magazine.




Tiffany has been a proud member of the Walk & Train team for five years. She began as a walker and is now a full time trainer, holding CPDT-KA status with the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. Tiffany is also the office manager for our walking and training clients. Tiffany’s experience with animals also includes volunteering with local animal shelters and zoos. In her spare time, Tiffany and her 11 year old American Eskimo, Crash, prove that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!



Kelly has been a member of the Walk & Train team for over seven years. As a member of our walking team, Kelly quickly got a taste for animal learning and behavior. Kelly hit the books & ran the paces earning her CPDT title and securing her spot on our behavior team. Kelly loves working on tricks, agility and behavior modification. Combining her love of theatre and animals, Kelly works with the four legged and furry stars backstage on recent Broadway productions like, Of Mice and Men and You Can’t Take It With You and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.

bring home the bacon

services + rates


1/2 hour dog walk/puppy session $20.00
45 minute dog walk/puppy session $25.00
1 hour dog walk/puppy session $30.00

4 walks per week minimum per timeslot necessary in order to hold the timeslot.


1/2 hour walk&train session $35.00
1 hour walk&train session $60.00

Walk & Train sessions are available to our regular walking clients only.

Walk & Train session must be done in conjunction with a private lesson package.


individual private training session $250.00
3 private lessons $695.00
5 private lessons $1125.00
10 private lessons $2250.00
monthly intensive
(20 lessons: 4/week with your dog, 1/week with you)

This package is particularly good for new puppy owners, and anyone looking for the consistency needed to make real change!

group class

5 week puppy kindergarten session $300.00

Puppy kindergarten
5 weekly sessions, every wednesday 7-8pm
D Pets Hotel Chelsea (104 W. 27th St between 6th and 7th)

Puppy Grad School
5 week session

The Educated Puppy
10 weeks where puppy masters all his skills for city living

See group class  schedule

By law all prices are subject to NY sales tax


Four walks per timeslot are required weekly to hold a permanent walking slot.

All cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance to avoid charges.

For your convenience, we collect payment via credit card auto payments bi-weekly.

Walking time is calculated when we enter and exit the building.

Your dog must be current on all vaccinations.